filthy® X Goosebum® 1of1 Shirt (L/XL)

filthy® X Goosebum® 1of1 Shirt (L/XL)

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The Filthy Project taps Goosebum for vintage quilt upcycling by Hunter Kurtz

In an era where sustainability and individuality are valued more than ever, The Filthy Project® taps in with Ohio based Goosebum® known for upcycling vintage fabrics into fashionable apparel. This capsule is the perfect blend of eco-consciousness and creativity. Repurposing these timeless textiles not only breathes new life into forgotten pieces but also adds a touch of history and character to modern wardrobes.

Vintage quilts carry stories woven within their threads. Each quilt, with its distinct patterns and fabrics, reflects the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of its time. Aligning with the principles of sustainability by giving new life to existing materials. Upcycling these quilts into wearable garments preserves their legacy while honoring the hands that crafted them decades ago.

Designed and hand-sewn by Goosebum® founder Hunter Kurtz, who carefully selected sections of the quilts showcasing intricate patterns, then meticulously applying his cut and sew skills giving each piece of this collection its own character and charm.